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10 reasons why you should monitor and control bacteria in your metalworking fluids.

bacteria testing and monitoring
At Fluid Solve we are always here to help our clients as well as try to provide as much industry information as possible. We have found that many businesses in and around our industry, are still unaware of the many implications that not looking after your fluids could cause.
Here we look briefly at 10 reasons why you should monitor and control bacteria in your metalworking fluids:

1. By keeping your fluids clean and under control you are protecting your employees from harmful bacteria – Mist from contaminated metalworking fluid can lead to Asthma & lung disease.

2. It’s the law – Employers need to control exposure & protect workers Health in order to comply with the 2002 COSHH regulations.

3. Help protect your business from the likelihood of large fines for not protecting your worker’s health

4. Comply with the current HSE legislation (MW5)

5. Keeping on top of the metalworking fluids in your business will improve their performance and ultimately save you money.

6. As mentioned in number 3, keeping on top of the fluids can help save money while also longer system life, saving prevents downtime from machine cleaning.

7. Fluid that is kept in good condition can help reduce the likelihood of corrosion in your machines and on your components.

8. Reduce your tooling spend as your metalworking fluids will perform better.

9. By regularly monitoring and keeping on top of your fluids you are helping to reduce your fluid disposal costs.

10. As I’m sure we can all agree, keeping your metalworking fluids under control and in tip-top condition creates a safer working environment, in turn creating happy machine operators which makes for a better business.

A useful link which outlines the issues with failing to control & monitor exposure to metalworking fluids:<

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