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Use our postal Dip slide supply and bacteria analysis service – buy the dip slides from us and we supply the following service.

Fluid Solve can provide a remote bacteria testing service – called our “Postal Dip Slide Analysis Service”
We supply you with the dip slide test kits, user instructions, PPE and sampling equipment.
Your team takes the sample, posts it to us then we do the rest.

Fluid Solve Service:

  • Provide a training session for your operators / staff (if required).
  • Supply all dip slide sample kits + user instructions.
  • Incubation of all samples.
  • Bacterial count in colony forming units per millilitre
  • Analysis of results.
  • Electronic reporting on all systems.
  • Photographic records of any positive results.
  • Recommendations on corrective actions including correct biocides / system cleaners and dosage volumes.
  • Technical support as required.

The introduction of our “Dip Slide Postal Service” will support and overcome the following issues:

  1. Full compliance with HSE legal requirements as per MW5 for the monitoring of bacteria.
  2. Adherence to 2002 COSHH regulations for bacterial monitoring and control.
  3. Improved management and reporting of bacteria levels for each machine.
  4. Improved process controls.
  5. Provide auditable Health and Safety records.

Alternatively, purchase Dip slides from us below and complete your own testing and analysis.

Buy Dip Slides here...

Dip Slide Supply and Bacteria Analysis Service

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Product Details

Metalworking fluid dip slide test kits to monitor bacteria levels in all water soluble fluid systems used in manufacturing

We use thousands of dip slides every month and our test kits have been carefully selected to bring you the optimum performance for the monitoring of bacteria across all water soluble metalworking fluids and chemical washes. Our test kit boxes contain a high sealing paddle and slide, great quality peelable slide identification labels all packaged in a specifically designed outer box. This is the test kit our engineers use when testing over 10,000 systems in the field each year.

Prices for dip slide test kit – postal service:

£50.00 per box of 10 slides (£5.00 per slide) + £8.00 postage + VAT

*Please enquire for volumes over 5 boxes.

Price includes :

  • Supply of test kit / kits
  • Full instructions on the correct sampling method in each kit
  • PPE in each kit
  • Sampling equipment in each kit
  • Incubation of slides
  • Analysis of slides & bacteria count in cfu’s/ml
  • Full electronic reporting of all bacteria levels
  • Recommendations on corrective actions
  • Technical support as required.
  • Photographic evidence of all slides / systems testing positive
  • Correct disposal of all slides

We recommend that every metalworking fluid system is tested for bacteria on a weekly basis as per the HSE MW5 requirements for the monitoring and control of bacteria.

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